Erik Spoelstra and Steve Clifford said that the NBA's return will help to continue conversations surrounding social injustices.

"I don't think anybody is really ready to move on. And we shouldn't. If anything, many times before, so tragically, there would be a similar incident of social injustice like this, and then two weeks later people forget about it. This will be an opportunity for the entire association to land in one spot ... to keep this conversation going and use our platform to make sure that this doesn't go away," said Spoelstra.

Clifford added that players and coaches will continue to use their platform to speak out once the season resumes. 

"I think everybody's priority right now and hope is that we can all be part of the change that's so necessary in our country. We'll have a collective platform where everyone can collectively send a message condemning racism, racial injustice, calling for police accountability. There will be a platform, and I think we're all thinking that way," said Clifford.

The National Basketball Coaches Association said it intends to work with "local leaders, officials and law enforcement agencies" to help influence change.