Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Donovan Mitchell, and CJ McCollum were among those who expressed their desire to not resume the NBA season during a call that featured 80-plus NBA and WNBA players.

The call, arranged by Kyrie Irving, lasted one hour and 40 minutes long.

Irving, who also opposed the season resuming due to nationwide unrest, said he would support their decision to continue the season.

"If it's worth the risk, then let's go and do it. But if you're not with it, it's OK, too. We've got options for both ways. Let's just come to a middle ground as a family," said Irving.

McCollum reportedly stressed the importance of finishing out the season when taking into consideration the next CBA negotiations.

Mo Bamba said that younger players felt intimidated to express an opposing opinion, with Anthony assuring him that their voice will be heard.

The players on the call also vowed to eventually gather together to continue the discussion on ending racial injustice.