Michael Jordan told Charlotte Hornets players that they can't be uncomfortable with "calling out teammates" for mistakes during practice during an hour-long video conference call.

"That's going to make you guys even better. You'll bond better. Your team is stronger. There is more of a respect level, instead of not saying anything and letting guys mess up over and over and over again, and you're losing and losing," said Devonte' Graham.

Jordan spoke to the players about the differences between winning in the regular season and the playoffs.

"A lot of guys on our team haven't played in the playoffs and don't understand the attention to detail you have to play with in the playoffs. That was what I enjoyed hearing from MJ, especially as a younger team," said Cody Zeller.

Jordan did admit that his aggressive style of leadership may not work with this current generation.

"One thing with being teammates with guys in this league is you have to learn who they are first. Some people don't like to be confronted in front of others; some people you have to pull aside. So I feel like it is a mixture of learning your teammates and knowing when to call them out ... so that people don't have a bad taste in their mouth about one another," added Terry Rozier.