Lou Williams reiterated his concern over whether the resumption of the NBA season would take attention away from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Williams added that he was still "50-50" in deciding whether the league should return.

"The point that some of the guys are raising about not playing is, basically, we don't want to be a distraction. ... In six weeks, the world may need some healing. They may need us to be on the floor. But if more black kids or black adults or any adults that's dealing with police brutality are getting killed, and we are still outraged, I don't know if it is in our best interest to suit up," said Williams on a call on Friday.

Williams, who reiterated that he doesn't want games to be a distraction from wider social issues, also discussed ways in which players could use the return as a platform to show their support.

"If we do suit up -- and we are having conversations behind closed doors -- how much of this platform can we really use? Can we get a Black Lives Matter patch on our jersey? Can our jerseys say Black Lives Matter? Can the court say Black Lives Matter? So we can use that platform to the best of our abilities. Honestly, it is hard to call. I'm 50-50, to be honest with you."