When the Chicago Bulls pursued Dwyane Wade in free agency in 2010, they were skeptical he had genuine interest in signing with the franchise.

Sources tell ESPN the Bulls were worried Wade would pass along their free agent strategy to the Miami Heat. Due to that skepticism, the Bulls only revealed part of their pitch to Wade.

Wade grew up in Chicago and beamed when he tried on a red Bulls No. 3 jersey with his name across the back.

Wade eventually asked his agent, Henry Thomas, to arrange a second meeting with the Bulls. During that meeting, the Bulls gave Wade their full pitch.

Wade asked the Bulls if they could create enough cap space for a third star.

While the Bulls feared Wade would take their pitch to the Heat, Wade essentially took Miam's strategy and brought it to Chicago. 

The Bulls needed an extra $16 million to $18 million in cap space to sign all three with trading away Luol Deng their best path to doing so.