The Chicago Bulls pursued Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James during the 2010 offseason and at point were sure they would at the very least sign Bosh. 

"To me the story and conversation starts with Chris Bosh," said Nick Friedell on the Brian Windhorst podcast. "Because you talk to people in that Bulls' organization, including former players... Chris Bosh said he was coming to the Bulls, straight up.

"Chris Bosh and the Bulls were supposed to be together, at least in Chicago's mind. And then as that week played out, as I know you get into in the story, they went 'What's happening here?'

"As far as the Bulls were concerned, they felt like they had a commitment, at least some people in the organization did, from Chris Bosh. They felt like Dwyane Wade would follow. That they hoped that would work out, especially as the days continued into that first weekend.

"Then to see everything kind of fall apart in that fashion and see all three of the big guns go to Miami the way they did, frankly, I still don't think the Bulls are all the way over it."

Later in the podcast, Friedell indicates that Bosh gave the Bulls a verbal commitment during his meeting.

"Chris Bosh, according to more than one person in the organization, said 'I'm coming to play for the Bulls.' Straight up. He said, 'I'm coming to play for the Bulls. This is where I'm gonna be.'"