Adam Silver revealed he won't be spending the entire duration of the NBA's return-to-play within the bubble.

"I will not," said Silver when asked the question. "We have an arrangement there where - I'll just call it a backdoor into the campus. Where you can almost think of it as different tiers of protection. That people immediately around the players, certainly anyone who is going to be playing, you know, who is going to be on the court with them, whether that be a referee, a coach or a trainer, anyone who needs to come in essence within 10 feed of them, will be following a certain protocol, in terms of daily testing and protection, but then there are a group of us, who will be able to come in, into the community, get tested when we come into the community buy essentially, remain far more than 10 feet away from the players, and there be able to come in and out.

"I mean, that's the same a for some of the Disney employees as well who won't be living on campus. So I will be down there. I will be down there at the beginning but I'm going to come and go and I think that my time in terms of running the league ultimately is best spent not living down on that campus for the entire time."