James Ennis revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 several weeks ago and reentry rejoined the Orlando Magic.

"It was tough," Ennis said during a video call with reporters. "Just quarantined away from your family a little bit so I was in a separate room for about two weeks. And it's just tough not being able to work out and prepare for this, this bubble. But I'm just happy to be back on the court; trying to get my legs under me, just trying to get back in rhythm."

Ennis admitted that he is "rusty" as he works his way back from the virus.

"I lost my wind," Ennis said. "I'm rusty, honestly. So I got to shake the dust off of me. By that, I got to stay in the gym. I got to keep doing the little things to get my body back right and stuff like that, get my legs under me. I'm ready, I'm here, my focus is at 100, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get back to two-weeks James, prior to having the COVID. I'm ready. I'm excited."

Ennis noted that he experienced many symptoms while fighting the virus.

"I had a headache for like four to five days," Ennis said. "First 24 hours I was down, throwing up. But now my health is better, I'm just trying to get my wind up and my legs back under me and just get in rhythm because our first scrimmage is next week. I just want to be prepared for that."