Carmelo Anthony said he challenged himself to get his weight down to around 230-235 pounds in preparation to start at small forward for the Portland Trail Blazers.

"I kind of challenged myself to get down to that weight where I feel comfortable with playing the 3, comfortable running around and utilizing things I can do within our system from playing the 3. That was a big motivation for me to come back at that exact weight or around that weight, 230, 235. I haven't seen 230, 235 since early, early in my career," said Anthony.

The 36-year-old Anthony said he experimented with his diet while the league was suspended.

Anthony did note that he's only lost five pounds from his usual playing weight.

"I told him he looks like he lost weight, but he hasn't lost that many pounds. It's more so turning some of the fat into muscle and leaning out. But he's always around the same weight. He just carries it different," said CJ McCollum.