Frank Vogel backed LeBron James to win the MVP this year, with Anthony Davis getting awarded the Defensive Player of the Year.

Vogel specifically brought up games against the Clippers and Bucks as to why James deserved to win MVP.

"In that weekend, LeBron took the toughest assignment in both games. He guarded Kawhi in the Clippers game and did a great job with him there. And then he guarded Giannis in the Bucks game when AD was in foul trouble and did a great job in those two situations. I think that weekend was probably a great indicator or a great measuring stick," said Vogel.

Vogel also pointed to the Lakers defense as to why both players should be recognized.

"We're the third best defense in the NBA, best in the West and a lot of that comes from [James'] commitment this season, which has been greater than the last few years from what I'm told, has really set us apart. Like I said, I'm hopeful that those two awards go to those two players."

Voting for all individual awards will take place before the Orlando restart.