The Toronto Raptors have named John Wiggins Vice-President, Organizational Culture and Inclusion as part of the team's efforts to ensure an ongoing commitment to meaningful social change in our organization and our community

“This position has the opportunity to directly impact change. That’s what excited me so much about the role – the chance to impact change directly in my organization, my community and my country,” said Wiggins. “As an organization, we’re uniquely placed to do that. We are the Raptors, and we are MLSE.

“For me, change is actionable. I don’t want to just say things. They must be doable. I have a position of power, and I want to do powerful things.”

Wiggins will lead a group drawn from all parts of the organization to address social injustice, inclusion, equity and political reform. He will consider both internal matters – such as how we build a team culture that addresses social injustice, inclusion, equity, and political reform – and will lead our external outreach.

“We want to effect change on a global scale, and that has to begin at home,” said Raptors President Masai Ujiri. “John knows this community and he knows the people who live in this community. He understands how to get things done and how to build consensus.

“And importantly, in this role John sits as a member of our team leadership committee. He is part of the key decisions that are being made every day and will address those decisions from a viewpoint of not just how they affect our team, but how they will affect our organization and our community.”

Wiggins joins the Raptors from Raptors 905