LeBron James won't have a self-imposed social media blackout for the playoffs.

"It's definitely going to have a different mindset, different feel to it," James said on a video conference call when asked about his approach to the Lakers' upcoming challenge. "I won't be turning my phone off during this run. I can't afford to. I have to continue to check in with my family every single day."

James typically curtails the time he spends on Twitter and Instagram in April through June.

James specifically cited his mom as someone he will "check in" with.

"Making sure everything is still going well, especially in the uncertainty of what 2020 has brought to all of us," he said. "So I can't afford to do that, just lose direct contact with everybody."

James said with virtual parenting, "There's nothing that you can do to replicate time, presence," but the phone does help in staying connected.

"The communication can always be consistent and the leadership can always be consistent, and that's one thing I've always had control over," he said. "But you can't replicate actual presence when you're waking up and you're in the living room or you're in the kitchen, or you're outside playing with your kids or playing with your daughter, playing video games with your boys or working out with your boys. You can't replicate that. I'm not there.

"But Savannah is a beast at what she does: That's controlling the home and being that rock for our family. So I'm not worried about that. But you definitely, you have that miss factor when you miss your family, you miss your kids and things of that nature. But I thank Steve Jobs a lot and the team at Apple for having FaceTime, because that is a beautiful thing to have, especially during a time like this."