Jeff Van Gundy and Zach Lowe speculated on the future of Nate McMillan as head coach of the Indiana Pacers during a podcast on Thursday.

McMillan was promoted by the Pacers from assistant coach to head coach to replace Frank Vogel in 2016.

"All the Indiana Pacers do under Nate McMillan is win," said Zach Lowe.

Lowe also credited how the Pacers have created a culture of commitment on defense, but suggested the franchise could make a coaching change to take a leap offensively.

"I've had two people come up to me since I've been here and say 'You know, Nate McMillan is in trouble," said Van Gundy.

"It's been the hottest rumor all season," interjected Lowe. "It's been a rumor all season long."

Van Gundy asserted the Pacers could risk taking a bigger step back by moving on from McMillan.

"What you've heard in Orlando has been going around all season," said Lowe.

Lowe added that the Pacers have denied the rumor to him privately.