Blake Griffin said he's had conversations head coach Dwane Casey and new general manager Troy Weaver in regards to his role next season with the Detroit Pistons.

Griffin added that he's thinking about how to lead the young Pistons roster.

"I've told them, I'm here to do whatever they ask of me. Whether that's sort of taking on a different role, taking on more of a role, whatever it might be. Whatever they feel the need for me to do. We'll have a lot of young guys so I think spending a lot of time with them and really setting the foundation in making sure that all these guys understand what Pistons basketball is about," said Griffin.

Griffin has a relationship with Weaver going back to their days in Oklahoma.

Weaver has already stated that he sees Griffin and Derrick Rose as pieces on the roster moving forward. 

Griffin added that he's focusing on leadership while the roster continues to form. 

"As the season gets closer, as free agency comes, as the draft comes, I think we'll be able to feel that out more and more, but right now, I'm just here, I'm working and trying to be a leader in any way I can."