Adam Silver proposed a midseason tournament and a play-in tournament for the final playoff seeds earlier this season, which was ultimately rejected by teams and never put to a vote. Because of the suspension of the season and its restart, the NBA had the opportunity to experiment with a play-in tournament and the results have so far been favorable. This could lead to Silver eventually succeeding in passing these non-traditional measures to generate more interest in the regular season.

"I think the play-in game will happen," said Marc Stein on the Chris Mannix podcast. "I think the midseason tournament will ultimately happen. Adam Silver wants these things badly and the interest that this is generating is exactly why. They're looking for any way they can to spice up the regular season and get people more interested in it. I'm not going to annoy you with a bunch of soccer talk, I know you're not as fond of it as I am.

"That's what world soccer has that we don't. Because of promotion and relegation, regular season games always matter. In this country, it's not just a basketball thing. In all of our sports, with the probable exception of the NFL. There are too many regular season games that don't mean anything. That's what this play-in thing has done.