Jamal Murray scored 33 points in the second half of the Denver Nuggets' 117-107 win over the Utah Jazz.

Michael Malone said that Murray, who finished the game with 42 points, was developing into a superstar in the playoffs.

Murray also added 8 rebounds and 8 assists for the Nuggets, who were at one point down 15 in the game.

The Jazz now lead the Nuggets 3-2 in the series.

"The young man is growing up and turning into a superstar on the biggest stage...Jamal embraces the moment. He's not afraid of it. Some people run away from those moments. He looks for them. And without Jamal Murray's play, and not even just the points, but his attitude, that swagger, that confidence," said Malone after the game.

Murray said that the league in general is filled with young talent.

"We've got a lot of guys in this league that can take over and a lot of guys that aren't in the playoffs that can take over, as well. As everybody says, the league's in good hands with the amount of talent we have."