Marcus Morris took to Twitter to deny that he purposely stepped on Luka Doncic's sprained left ankle during the Los Angeles Clippers' 154-111 win over the Dallas Mavericks in game 5.

The Clippers now lead the series 3-2. 

The incident took place in the third quarter, with Morris' foot landing on the back of Doncic's left foot and knocking off his shoe. 

"I play this game with a level of respect for myself and other players. To think I would try to injure somebody is crazy to me. 10 years going against the best. I stand on morals and hard work. I compete and leave it out there every game," tweeted Morris

Morris followed it up with another tweet, writing "Basketball has never been that serious to try to hurt somebody. Im not apologizing for shit because I know what I put into this game day in and day out. It was a mistake deal wit it. Competing is why I play."

Luka Doncic appeared skeptical in his post-game comments.

"I just hope it wasn't intentional, but every person is going to have their own thoughts. Just move on from it," said Doncic.