The NBA has generally been supportive of players in voicing their concerns about the ongoing social justice issues despite not having universal support privately amongst owners. Adam Silver has prioritized the league's need to participate in some way and also allow players to use their platform 

"Not every owner in the NBA was enthusiastic about having 'Black Lives Matter' on the court," said Adrian Wojnarowski on his podcast. "I know they all weren't. Some are extremely supportive. Some less so. None of them publicly so (to criticize).

"But I do know Adam Silver told them, 'Hey guys, this is what we're going to do to support our players. Our league is overwhelmingly comprised of African-American players. This is important. This is a partnership. We need to work together to get through this season and into next year. I will be curious on how the relationship and partnership goes forward. So far, what has allowed this thing to work, especially the Players Association and the league, more than any of the other (sports leagues), they have been able to really come together on stuff. I do wonder if there will be some splintering off among ownership if this season unravels."

Wojnarowski's comments were recorded late Wednesday evening before the players decided to continue with the season Thursday morning.