Nick Nurse pointed to several reasons, including a lack of rhythm, for the Toronto Raptors' 112-94 loss to the Boston Celtics in game 1.

"We really just weren't very good. We didn't make many shots. We didn't play with great composure. We didn't execute very well. It was a rough one today on a lot of fronts. I think that the actual X's and O's and the tactical part, we'll need to do better. But it wasn't a very good rhythm on the day for us," said Nurse.

Pascal Siakam finished with just 13 points on 5-of-16 shooting, and was called for three fouls in the first quarter.

Nurse said that the team will try to get Siakam involved on offense through a variety of ways in game 2. 

"I think we'll always look at trying to get him involved in about all areas as opposed to as a player or a jump-shooter or a handler in the screen-and-roll or center in the screen-and-roll. I think we gotta mix it up and vary it, even some isolations on top, isos on the side. Hopefully get him involved in the transition game a little bit as well," said Nurse. 

Siakam echoed Nurse's thoughts that the offense lacked rhythm.

"Obviously it was one of those games, and I didn't play well, and we didn't really have a rhythm offensively. I don't think our defense was bad; we made some mistakes and stuff. But we just try to go back and watch the film, and just try to be better."