Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the NBA's most inscrutable superstars as a probable two-time MVP, but that could be by design on his part.

"Sort of Giannis being this private superstar: someone close to him told me... I'm like 'Yeah, Giannis, it's his nature to be private. He's a little more Duncan-y in his approach to superstardom," said Kevin Arnovitz on The Lowe Post podcast.

"And they're like 'Yeah, that's not really it.'

"And I said 'What is it?'

"They're like 'He finds it unseemly to preen as the face of the league before you win a championship. Like it would be unconscionable for him to do that because it just is so not in his nature the idea that anybody would preen before they won a title.'

"That's the one thing the Bucks have going for them. He's insanely hard on himself. And it might not be in his nature to blame an organization for falling short of potential. But who the hell knows, Zach?"

Antetokounmpo can sign a supermax extension with the Milwaukee Bucks this offseason and will be a free agent in 2021 if he doesn't.

"I don't know," replied Zach Lowe. "The vibe everybody gets from Giannis, and this is all second, third-hand whatever... is that he probably would like to stay. I think he likes Milwaukee. He met his partner in Milwaukee. He has a son now in Milwaukee. I think he likes being the best player on a team and having it be his team. It's clearly his team. But I think the case for the Bucks all along, and I think they would be honest about this if you asked them about it, the case for them all along has been winning. Winning championships. The ability to win championships. That's the case for almost every star player."