Dennis Lindsey said that the lack of travel inside of the bubble is partially responsible for a more compelling on-court product, and suggested improvements to the league's schedule.  

"The league's teams, and specifically the health and performance group, have gotten a lot of feedback from players that their reduced travel, they physically feel better. So if we ever get to a situation like baseball where you play a team more than one time in the market -- obviously, there's some business concerns there -- but that reduced travel, I definitely think the product is more compelling because of that.

The players feel better, and frankly, we need to listen to the players at every turn," said Lindsey on Wednesday.

Frank Vogel noted that the Lakers' late start times has negated some of the advantages of not traveling.

"You just remove that element of being in the air, arriving late at night. But our 9 o'clock starts, it feels like we're playing and traveling during the season. It's because you're getting back to the hotel very late, you're up late," said Vogel.

Sleep deprivation has previously been called "a real problem for the entire league."