The NCAA is not considering a "contingency plan" to expand the 2021 men's basketball tournament, according NCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt.

Gavitt's comments come on the heels of the ACC, lead by Mike Krzyzewski, proposing a 2021 tournament that would include every Division I team. 

Gavitt has previously said that the NCAA wants to keep the tournament in March and April.

"Every college basketball team's goal is to play in the NCAA tournament because everyone loves March Madness. ... While all who care about the game are entitled to their opinion, and we'll always listen respectfully, at this time we are not working on any contingency plan that involves expanding the tournament field," said Gavitt.

Sources told ESPN that the ACC is "all-in" on their proposal.

Krzyzewski said that the ACC's proposal could unify the sport.

"Given the uncertainty of this upcoming season, I join my fellow ACC coaches in fully supporting the inclusion of all eligible Division I teams to participate in the 2021 NCAA tournament. This is not a regular season. It is clearly an irregular season that will require something different. Our sport needs to be agile and creative. Most importantly, an all-inclusive postseason tournament will allow a unique and unprecedented opportunity for every team and every student-athlete to compete for a national championship."