Marcus Morris blamed the Los Angeles Clippers' inability to close out games to being over-reliant on individual talent.

The Clippers lead the Nuggets by 13 points with just over 13 minutes left in game 5 before the Nuggets went on a 35-14 run to win the game.

"We just lean on us being as good as we are on paper and not actually finishing the game. It's only happened twice so there is no overreaction. [But] I think it is just us being as good as we are and just leaning on that and just the talent and not finishing or playing hard," said Morris.

The Clippers have lost six games when they have at least a 15 point lead this season.

Morris added that their inability to close out games has been the team's Achilles' heel throughout the season. 

"We put the onus on ourselves. We should have put that game away; we should have stuck to what we were doing. That has been one of our Achilles' heels, kind of messing with the game when we get up. To get where we are trying to get to, and that's being champions, we have to be better. That has nothing to do with coaching. That is on the players."