Doc Rivers said that "there's no secret" as to why the Los Angeles Clippers continue to blow big leads against the Denver Nuggets, saying it comes down to defensive intensity and free throws.

"There's no secret like potion that something happened. The two things that we didn't do, clearly defensively, they shot almost 60% in the second half. The one thing that did stand out, they went to the free throw line like on every play," said Rivers ahead of Tuesday's game 7.

The Clippers have blown 16 and 19-point leads in games 5 and 6 against the Nuggets.

Rivers, who is 6-7 in game 7s, also added that there's nothing magical about winning game 7s

"Rah-rah speeches are very overrated. They last about three minutes ... there's no like secret speech. That's for the movies. There's nothing secret or magical. It's about playing basketball, manning up, moving the ball, doing all the things that we can do," said Rivers.

Rivers said that he knows he can count on Kawhi Leonard to rise to the moment. 

"The moment won't be too big. That's the one thing like with him, you just know that. So that's comforting to know that."