The NBA has seen a massive spike in replay reviews since resuming the season in Orlando. Reviews jumped approximately seven percent from the regular season to the seeding games, and they're up another 20 percent from there during the playoffs. During the regular season, there were 1.937 replay reviews per game compared to 2.477 for the playoffs, an increase of 27.9 percent.

The spike is not being orchestrated from the league.

“It’s not from a directive from me,” Monty McCutchen told FiveThirtyEight.

There are three ways a review is initiated: 

1. Altercation

2. Challenge from coaches

3. Request

The decision to review a play is also not subject to the whims of what ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz recently called the “small claims court,” where players and coaches continuously lobby referees to change calls and implore them to review a call they believe is incorrect.