The NBA appears to have reached a point in planning for the 20-21 season in which they are almost entirely resistant to playing any games next season in a bubble environment similar to the one they created in Orlando to finish the 19-20 season.

"There was a lot of talk, even a month ago, six weeks ago, about starting next year in a bubble," said Adrian Wojnarowski on his podcast on Wednesday. "That 'hey, we have to be open to the idea.' And the further we were in that bubble and it went along, the more and more I got a sense, and I think others got a sense that, I think everybody in the league wants to do everything they can to not go back to it.

"And not just from [how] everybody is going stir crazy and it's not normal. But I think the owners' appetite, understandably, and the players' appetite, to get the revenue streams back. To get fans back at arenas. Financially, it is scary to have the fans out for this long. But you also don't want fans out so long that they just, like... Just don't assume everybody is going to come flooding back. People find other things to do in this world. All of the entertainment options there are... You don't want people out of NBA buildings for so long that it is not a habit anymore. And you don't get everybody back.

"The more and more time goes on here, the greater sense I've gotten around the league, the union, players, owners certainly, that they're going to do everything they can to in some way shape or form have fans back at arenas next year. Even if that means it is socially distanced. We're seeing it in football in some places. 

"I don't think they've ruled the bubble out, but it is kind of the last thing anyone wants to do right now."

The NBA is closely studying the current NFL model in which some teams are operating at limited capacity for games.

The NBA now expects to wait until at least January to begin their next season.