Danny Ainge believes Kemba Walker wasn't himself during the NBA's restart. Walker has dealt with left knee issues since January.

"I wasn't there [in the bubble]," Ainge said Thursday. "I was watching from here, but I could see, even when he was here before the bubble started -- which is why he was shut down a little bit and doing strength training and trying to prepare himself for the playoff run and the intensity of the playoff run -- but he was definitely not himself.

"In fairness to Kemba, he doesn't want to say that. He doesn't say that to our coaches. He doesn't say that to you, the media. He doesn't say that to me. I haven't heard one excuse from him. But watching the games, even the games we won, even the games where he played well, I could tell he wasn't the same physically as he was in October, November, December. So we're going to try to get that Kemba back."