LeBron James spoke of being compared to Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal following the Los Angeles Lakers' 124-114 win over the Miami Heat in game 2.

"Watching the Kobe-Shaq duo was the most dominant duo that I have personally seen in my life from a basketball perspective. Obviously we knew the force that Shaq brought to the table, but the elegance and force that Kobe played with as well. They were very dominant in what they did on the floor, on both sides of the floor. So to be in the conversation with those two guys, myself and AD, is just very humbling," said James after the game.

James finished with 33 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 assists, while Davis added 32 points and 14 rebounds.

James added that he was Shaq in the partnership, with Davis' ability to score from anywhere on the court akin to Bryant.

"I guess if you look in the sense of the size and the power and the speed that Shaq at his size played with, you could look at my game throughout the course of my career and say that. And then you look at the elegance and the ability to shoot the ball and the ability to play in the paint as well as post up and get to the perimeter, I guess you can say that you can have some of AD's game that could compare to Kobe's game in that sense," said James.

Davis disagreed, saying that he was Shaq and James played the Bryant role.

"He's Kobe because he handles the ball. And I'm Shaq because I play in the post."