LeBron James said he had no regrets in passing to Danny Green with under 10 seconds left in the Los Angeles Lakers' 111-108 game 5 loss to the Miami Heat.

Green, who missed the potential game-winning three with 7.1 seconds left, had no defender within 8 feet of him according to Second Spectrum data.

"I mean, if you just look at the play, I was able to draw two defenders below the free throw line and find one of our shooters at the top of the key for a wide-open 3 to win a championship. I trusted him, we trusted him, and it just didn't go.

"You live with that. You live with that. It's one of the best shots that we could have got. ... Danny had a hell of a look. It just didn't go down. I know he wishes he can have it again," said James after the game.

James finished the game with 40 points, 13 rebounds, and 7 assists.

Frank Vogel, who said James "made the right play" on the pass, focused on two foul calls on Jimmy Butler that went against the Lakers late in the game.

"I felt two bad calls at the end put Butler to the line, you know, and that's unfortunate in a game of this magnitude. Anthony Davis has a perfect verticality, should be a play-on. And the time before that, Markieff Morris has his hands on the ball -- that should be a play-on. They were given four free throws and made it an uphill battle for us. Very disappointed in that aspect of the game."