Daryl Morey took out a full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle to reflect upon his 13 years with the Houston Rockets organization.

Morey emphasized the importance of James Harden during his run as general manager, writing that "James Harden changed my life."

"An entire page could be dedicated just to James. He not only transformed my life but also revolutionized the game of basketball -- and continues to do so -- like almost no one has before.

"The game is played differently because of James, and on every playground in the world, the next generation of talent is studying and imitating his game," wrote Morey.

Morey also reflected upon working with other stars he brought to the organization.

"I loved working together on how to get his incredible Hall of Fame teammates Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook to the Rockets. I will be rooting for James to win a championship in Houston. It's how this story should end."

Rafael Stone replaced Morey as the Rockets general manager.