The Minnesota Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors have explored trading their picks at No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, for an All-NBA-level star, sources tell Zach Lowe of ESPN.

But the market for those picks is not as strong as they would hope for considering the 2020 draft class is considered weak at the top with Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman viewed as the top prospects.

The Washington Wizards have shown no interest in trading Bradley Beal for either pick, with the same message being conveyed on Devin Booker by the Phoenix Suns, and the Philadelphia 76ers on Ben Simmons. The situation with Beal could change if he asks for a trade.

Players one tier down from that level probably are not worth a top-two pick, writes Lowe.

For the Warriors, they could have interest in Jrue Holiday but are considered unlikely to trade No. 2 for him unless it looked something like Holiday and JJ Redick for Andrew Wiggins with the pick.