The National Basketball Players Association Board of Representatives voted to approve a plan for a December 22nd start to the 20-21 NBA season and a 72-game schedule, which will clear the way for the league and union to finalize details.

The NBA and NBPA are planning to discuss the opening of free agency as quickly as possible after the November 18 NBA draft to accommodate player movement.

The league and players still need to negotiate financial terms of an amended collective bargaining agreement with those talks expected to extend into next week.

The league believes that a Dec. 22 start that includes Christmas Day games on television and allows for a 72-game schedule that finishes before the Summer Olympics in mid-July is worth between $500 million and $1 billion in short and long term revenues to the league and players.

The NBA and NBPA are expected to eventually agree to an escrow system spread out over multiple seasons so players don't take a substantial financial hit in one season.