While LeBron James initially resisted the NBA's desire to start the 20-21 season on December 22nd, he eventually went along with the greater financial good for the league and players.

James and the Los Angeles Lakers won The Finals on October 11th.

"LeBron initially pushed back against this, and subsequently, it's been explained to me that LeBron changed his position," said Brian Windhorst. "Crossed the aisle, said 'I'm okay going December 22nd even though I have to change my routines and I'm not happy about the short offseason because it's the best thing for business.'

"But LeBron owes the NBA money right now. He owes them cash. As crazy as that is to say."

"There's about 12 of these guys who owe an IOU," replied Bobby Marks.

James is one of the NBA's only players who gets his contract front loaded as that has been something Klutch Sports has pushed for with their clients. James had already received his 20-21 salary in full when the NBA began withholding extra money from the paychecks of players due to the suspension of the season.