Sean Marks held a press conference on Friday and said the Brooklyn Nets are balancing maximizing the present while also building a sustainable team. The Nets have been linked with a possible trade for James Harden, which both Harden and Kevin Durant are believed to be pushing for. Brooklyn has previously been linked with a trade for Bradley Beal as well.

"When you say mortgage, probably no," said Marks. "We want to build something sustainable. The other side is take advantage of what we have now, take advantage of the moment.”

Marks also is trying to have an honest dialogue about the possibility of a trade with the players currently on the Brooklyn roster.

"Our culture is important," said Marks. "Getting this group prepared in such a short time. I don't know if it's the ugly part of the business, the strange part of the business, the awkward part. I think it needs to be discussed. I've talked to several of our players about this and just said 'Look, forget the rumors. Let's just go out there and concentrate on what we have in hand, which is the group that's here.'

"I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said, 'Look, nothing is ever going to happen.' At the same time, they understand that this is a business. Let's be prepared. I sincerely I mean it. Look, I like this group we have. The group has been together for a while now. We continue to add some pieces to it. Training camp is going to be competitive and it's going to be fun with the group we have. If things change, things change. I think you have to have those honest conversations with players as it goes and not let the rumors simmer in the background."