Rudy Gobert and the Utah Jazz continue to discuss a contract extension but it has been difficult for the media to get an accurate gauge on where each side stands on the negotiations. Gobert is eligible for a supermax but he is not holding out for that rich of a contract.

"I don't have prescise contract figures," said Tim MacMahon on the Brian Windhorst Podcast. "I have been told that he did not ask for the full supermax. I know there has been some reporting in Utah that he did. I've been told that is not true. That he did not ask for the full supermax. 

"I don't know what neighborhood the Jazz are in. There's a gulf there. We will see if that gap is closed before the supermax extension deadline. He can also do a lesser extension during the season.

The relationship between Gobert and Donovan Mitchell also no longer appears to be a concern for Utah.

"The encouraging thing was after the way too public fallout between Donovan and Rudy Gobert, things between them went very smoothly in the bubble," added MacMahon. "It reaffirmed the Jazz's belief that it can continue to be a productive and personal partnership. Nobody is asking whether Donovan and Rudy can get along right now."