Steve Nash discussed DeAndre Jordan and Jarrett Allen's rotation at the center position, saying that he doesn't want to pit the two players against each other.

Nash added that Jordan's experience and chemistry with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant is playing a role in him starting games.

"He definitely has that relationship with Ky and Kevin. He has that experience as the older player. Caris [LeVert] and JA also have good chemistry. So, it’s a bit of everything. It’s just not something I’m belaboring," said Nash.

Jordan currently averages just under 20 minutes per game, with Allen playing 22.5 minutes.

Nash added that Allen will continue to see minutes.

"Jarrett’s going to play a lot. I love him on the floor. I want to be very careful not to make it like a mini-drama because it’s not. ... I just don’t want it to become some sort of thing where we’re pitting our own guys against each other because I think the group has got a pretty good vibe right now.”