Tom Thibodeau described Julius Randle as the "engine" of the New York Knicks following their 112-100 win over the Utah Jazz.

Randle finished the game with 30 points, 16 rebounds, and 7 assists, with the Knicks currently 5-3 on the season. 

“He’s our engine. He plays with a lot of toughness, and there’s a lot of multiple-effort plays that he’s making, but he’s also playing very unselfishly. If you cut and you’re open, he’s going to hit you. He can handle the ball, he’s got very good skills with the ball. I think those guys are very hard to guard, and his shooting has improved.

"I thought he had some wide-open looks, but he’s shot the three very well this year, so that makes him harder to guard, and he can out-quick you," said Thibodeau after the game.

Thibodeau then credited experience for Randle's development this season. 

“When you look at most players in this league, there’s a progression to becoming that type of player. They don’t just get there overnight, there are steps that they have to take along the way, and I think he’s done that ... I think you learn through listening, and trial and error is a big part of learning."