Giannis Antetokounmpo said he planned to work through his free throw struggles by practicing more from the line.

"Just go back. Shoot more. Focus on your technique. Take it step by step. Just shoot more. That's it. The more you shoot, the more you work on it, the better you get. There's no secret in that," said Antetokounmpo following the Bucks' 112-109 win over the Mavs.

Antetokounmpo shot 1-of-10 from the line in the game, which is the worst performance in Bucks history for a player with at least ten attempts.

Antetokounmpo is shooting 57.5% from the line this season, a career-low.

"I just go to the free throw line and say the stuff I say always to myself, try to have a good technique and just try to shoot the ball high and give it a chance because most of my [missed] shots are short.''