Back in March, there was some level of uncertainty over whether Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert could coexist with the Utah Jazz over the long-term. The issue was a pressing one for the Jazz as both players faced extension decisions during the 2020 offseason.

"We had a very honest conversation, and that’s all I needed," Gobert told Sam Amick of The Athletic. "You know, after that, once I knew that I told him everything that was on my mind and I heard everything that was on his mind, I knew that we could move forward. I’m not going to disclose all that, but I knew that once we (had that conversation) we could move forward."

Amick also asked Gobert how he and Mitchell were able to empathize with one another.

"I think it happened within ourselves first. But then with some articles coming out and some shit coming out about (the team), all that was before the bubble. And I decided to just tell everyone, ‘Let’s just talk on the phone.’ We can’t be having media and people putting out articles about some stuff, that are not helping us and helping the team. So we just had very honest phone conversations. And then after that, I really think we were able to move forward and to grow."