Rick Carlisle compared Luka Doncic's impact on the court to Larry Bird and Reggie Miller following the Dallas Mavericks' 134-132 win against the Golden State Warriors.

Doncic had a career-high 42 points and 11 assists in the game.

"The basketball floor is his stage. Guys like him -- and I was around [Larry] Bird; I was around Reggie Miller -- when there's another guy on the other team raising his game to the level that Curry was, you feel an obligation if you're that kind of player. I saw Bird do it; I saw Miller do it," said Carlisle of Doncic following the game.

Steph Curry, who currently leads Doncic in All-Star Game voting, also complimented Doncic.

"His eyes lit up a little bit. He made some big shots tonight," added Curry.

The Mavs had lost 12 straight one-possession games before Saturday's win, the third-longest streak in NBA history.