Tobias Harris scored 30 points in a comeback win by the Philadelphia 76ers over the New York Knicks without Joel Embiid.

Harris was one of the All-Star omissions and he made a point of asserting he believed he should have been included.

"I'm an All-Star!" Harris was caught saying by the NBC Sports Philadelphia cameras.

"That's for sure what I said," Harris said postgame. "For me, that's just reaffirming that to myself. I know the fans know that, but reaffirming that to them and to myself, especially making those big plays. I try to just find motivation in different areas. That's one of them."

"He was pissed off,"  Ben Simmons said, referencing Harris and his omission from the All-Star team. "He should have been an All-Star. You got a few guys -- myself and Joel on this team, and then Tobias, I think people just take for granted how talented he is. If he was on the team I don't want to take anything away from any other All-Stars but if he was on a different team, he's going to be putting up those numbers. It's clear he's able to do that. But obviously it went the way it went, but he is, no matter what. To us, he's an All-Star, he's one of those guys who can get it done, go get a bucket. He's a big time player."