The league office plans to consider wrapping a conversation about the buyout market when the NBA and NBPA reconvene ahead of the 23-24 CBA talks.

Several small market teams have complained about how the buyout market benefits, in their viewpoint, big market teams. The reality is there have been 39 buyout players who have averaged at least two games and 10 minutes per NBA playoff round over the past 15 years and twenty were signed into top-15 markets, while 19 joined the rest. Players who have been bought out typically sign with contenders. Since 2015, the Milwaukee Bucks have signed four bought out players, while the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets have each signed three. 

Adam Silver's office doesn't see so much of an issue of fairness between big and small markets, but perhaps more a process that it is contradictory to the financial system's goals.

The NBA does want to find a way to make the buyout pool players available to more teams than only the contenders, sources tell ESPN, but that's hard to do without significant changes to the process.

The union will side on the freedom of movement for players unless they receive something of significance back.