Jayson Tatum revealed he now uses an inhaler before games due to the lingering effects of contracting COVID-19.

“I take an inhaler before the game since I’ve tested positive,” Tatum said. “This has kind of helped with that and opened up my lungs and, you know, I never took an inhaler before. So that’s something different. I for sure feel better now than I did a month ago.”

Tatum said Celtics trainers have not indicated when he can stop using the inhaler.

Tatum also said he is "very close" to 100 percent after contracting COVID-19 back in January. Tatum missed nearly three weeks.

In early March, Tatum told reporters he still didn’t feel 100 percent nearly two full months after he was first diagnosed.

“I’ve talked to guys that said it took months for them to kind of catch their breath, and get their wind back. And I think I’m kind of on the same track with that,” Tatum said. “I for sure feel better. I don’t feel necessarily the same before I got it when I was playing. I definitely know there’s a difference. But I feel pretty good.”