Gregg Popovich has become outspoken about politics over the past few years and his most recent comments suggested that any NBA owners who donate to far right candidates should be scrutinized. 

“We need to find out who funds these people,” Popovich said at the end of a long Monday Zoom monologue about the Minnesota police shooting of Daunte Wright, and about the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riots, and about state officials’ response to February power outages in Texas, and about what he called the false claims of election fraud associated with voter suppression efforts.

“I want to know what owners in the NBA fund these people who perpetrate these lies. Maybe that’s a good place to start, so it’s all transparent. That’s all I got.”

According to an online database maintained by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, former Spurs chairwoman Julianna Hawn Holt has made multiple donations to Trump’s campaigns, including in 2020, when she also contributed to Republican Georgia U.S. Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

Since 2015, the Holt family donated $1.42 million to Republican candidates and political action committees, per The Ringer. Orlando’s Dan DeVos, Cleveland’s Dan Gilbert and New York’s James Dolan each donated more to the GOP.

“Do these people want a country or not?” Popovich said. “Do these people have grandchildren? Do they want their grandchildren to go to work and school and go through these drills and worry about being murdered? What does it take to care more about them than your frickin’ position, and your power, and your donors?”