Sterling Brown entered the wrong springer van on his way out of a Miami strip club, sources tell The Athletic, which led to a verbal altercation and eventually a physical one.

Three or more individuals from the sprinter van jumped Brown and hit him in the head with a bottle. 

Kevin Porter Jr. was one of the teammates with Brown and stepped into the altercation. Porter was roughed up but able to play in Monday's game.

When Brown was admitted into a private, priority room in the emergency room, blood was everywhere, dripped all over the floor. Brown needed multiple heavy stitching jobs for his facial injuries and underwent several tests, according to sources. He was discharged Monday late in the afternoon.

“If he hadn’t been as physically strong and tough, he might not have made it out of the situation (Sunday) night,” one source told The Athletic. “He could have died.”

Beyond the immediate concern of Brown's health, the players were in violation of the league's health and safety protocols.