Evan Fournier discussed his recovery from COVID-19, saying that ramping up activity was the most difficult part of the experience.

Fournier, who has been out since April 4, missed all seven shots in the Celtics 109-104 loss on Friday night. 

"My experience -- where do I start? The first two days I was doing great, no symptoms at all, and then flu-like symptoms, high fever, really tired, fatigue, all that. I honestly stayed in bed and slept for four or five days. The roughest part was ramping up the activity. The last two days of practice was really hard. I had moments where I was doing good and moments where I was exhausted," said Fournier.

Friday night was Fournier's fifth game with the Celtics since getting traded from the Magic.

Brad Stevens said that he expected Fournier to struggle as he got his wind back.

"Yeah, he's going to probably, very likely at least, going to struggle, and we just don't have time to practice. He's got to play, he's got to get himself up to speed.

"Evan obviously couldn't make a shot, but I just asked him how he felt. He said he was pretty winded out there. So that was not a huge surprise. But it is good to get him those minutes, and I don't think he'll have many games like that."