Stephen Curry can sign a contract extension with the Golden State Warriors during the offseason, or become a free agent after the 21-22 season.

Curry always reiterates that playing his whole career with the Warriors "is a priority."

"There's a heightened sense of urgency, as it should be, when you're a championship team that's trying to hold it together," Curry said. "Obviously, if you watched 'The Last Dance,' there's a lot of things in play in this league. Nothing is predictable. But that's what makes it fun.

"You have to have a perspective that you're good enough, capable enough to figure it out."

"He's so damn good we need to maximize him this stretch," Steve Kerr said. "You have to enjoy what he's doing as a fan, and appreciate what he's doing organizationally -- then do everything we can to build the best team around him. It's not like that's what we owe him, it's more like that's what we need to do."