Evan Fournier has missed 11 of 20 games since his trade to the Boston Celtics as he was out with COVID-19. Fournier continues to battle with post-COVID-19 symptoms.

“I’ve been feeling really weird, to be honest,” Fournier said about his battle with COVID-19. “I feel like I have a concussion. Right now it’s actually doing a bit better but at first, it’s like the bright lights were bothering my eyes and my vision was blurry. Everything was just going too fast for me. It’s still the case. Some stuff are better but at times I’m really struggling to focus and my eyes keep struggling focusing on one thing. My depth perception is really bad right now.”

When Fournier had COVID-19, he had a high fever, flu-like symptoms and fatigue. 

“I honestly stayed in bed and slept for four or five days,” Fournier explained.