The New York Knicks and Julius Randle plan on discussing a contract extension this offseason.

Randle's base salary this season is $18.9 million and will receive another $2 million in bonuses.

The Knicks can add up to four years to Randle's contract, but they are limited on what they can offer on a raise to a max of 20 percent.

If the Knicks guarantee Randle's $19.8 million salary for next season, they can add $106 million in guaranteed money four four years. With incentives included, Randle could make as much as $140 million over five years. 

Randle could wait until the 2022 offseason and either sign a five-year max worth up to $201.5 million or a four-year max with a rival team for up to $149.4 million. 

Both the Knicks and Randle are interested in extending the partnership.