Masai Ujiri remains a free agent this offseason after signing Bobby Webster and Nick Nurse to extensions to remain with the Toronto Raptors.

MLSE will do everything possible to keep Ujiri.

“They love him, and they believe in him,” said a source close to the MLSE board. “He’s won them a championship and they believe he’s going to win them some more.”

Ujiri first joined the Raptors in 2013.

“Masai doesn’t share a lot; he’s very private and strategic in his own way,” said the source close to MLSE. “But if you were asking ‘Are they going to sign Masai?’ I would put it at 95 percent yes.”

Ujiri has remained private with his intentions. 

“They’re going to try to sign him for as long as they reasonably can, [but] if they have to sign him for less [years] they’ll sign him for less,” said the source close to MLSE. “They don’t have a lot of leverage. They want him. If he wants [a shorter deal], what are they going to say, no?”